Private jet travel for business, air-taxi service

Elit’Avia caters for all your private jet travel needs, including business and pleasure flights.

Enjoy the freedom of choosing

  • Your destination,
  • Your dates,
  • Your flight times.

Our aircraft are ready and at your service, so you can fly where you want, whenever you want!

Save time

  • Save at least 4 hours compared with flying from Nantes
  • Save at least 7 hours compared with flying from Paris
  • Non-stop, direct flights to New-York or Dubaï
  • Fly to your destination and back in one day

Enjoy the benefits of business aviation

  • A friendly and personalised welcome
  • Boarding just ten minutes before take-off
  • No airport formalities

Travel in style

  • Our Falcon 50 EX seat 9 passengers
  • Modern travelling comfort so you can work or relax onboard
  • Bespoke services on request (inboard meals, hotel/taxi reservations, etc.)

Other services from Elit’avia

  • Jet sharing for reduced jet charter costs
  • Fly-in assistance for production sites – implement solutions in record time!
  • Urgent delivery of equipment to reduce line stoppage time

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Aircraft dealers: VULCANAIR P68


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