The Aerobatics association

The CPVA (Aerobatics Flying and Training Centre) has devoted itself for over 30 years to keeping the “Stampe” bi-plane flying and passing on its aerobatics flying expertise to new generations of pilots.

The CPVA belongs to the French Federation of Aviation and is the only French school to teach aerobatics with the Stampe. The CPVA makes it possible to discover this classic plane on a conventional flight and helps its most persevering members achieve simple positive aerobatics manoeuvres.

Requirements to fly

  • Membership of the association
  • PPL holder (private pilot’s license)
  • Dedicated contribution to the activities of the association, which is run solely by volunteer enthusiasts

Want to discover aerobatics with the Stampe ?
Come and visit us at Angers Loire Airport on Saturdays from 9am to 7pm.

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Centre de Perfectionnement et de Voltige Aérienne d’Angers
Angers Loire Aéroport
49140 Marcé
02 41 33 50 63

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