Discover Angers

in the heart of the UNESCO-listed Loire Valley

Situated at the entrance to western France, Angers has the ideal location just one and a half hours from both Paris and the Atlantic coast beaches. You can also fly to major European cities from Angers in under three hours.

Angers is on the Loire chateaux route and possesses a surprisingly rich heritage which is unique in the world. The city is also largely acknowledged for its quality of living. Don’t miss the Château d’Angers – the Loire valley’s largest defensive castle, the Apocalypse tapestry and Angers’ outstanding programme of cultural events.

A leader in the field of plants and green space

Angers is situated in the midst of France’s third largest AOC wine producing region and the Loire Valley’s largest wine growing area, Anjou-Saumur. The Anjou-Saumur vineyards, renowned for the diversity and richness of their grape varieties, stretch over the area surrounding the Layon, Aubance and Loire rivers.

Angers is a leading city in the field of plants and green space of which it boasts 50 square metres per inhabitant. It is also home to magnificent parks and gardens, Europe’s only plant-related theme park Terra Botanica and Vegepolys, a global-oriented competitiveness cluster promoting plant-related innovation. This is a region of excellence, at the forefront in plants and plant science, health and electronics. And France’s first “Connected Objects City” is also in Angers.

the Connected Objects City

The Angers region has an impressive presence in the communication technology sector. Several major groups and numerous start-ups have bases in the area, including Eolane, Creative Eurecom, Valeo, Bodet, Evolis and @fone. A highly ambitious scheme is underway to develop the industrial electronics industry in the region. Moreover, Angers has France’s first ‘Connected Objects City’, a new generation of industrial platform producing resolutely innovative high-tech objects.