Passenger Guide: Children travelling alone

Before departure and during your flight

Children travelling without an adult are authorized on flights under specific conditions – it is essential to check with HOP airline before booking to find out what these conditions are.

Please fill in the Hop  unaccompanied minor form with contact information for the parent/guardian and the person(s) authorized to collect the child at their arrival destination.

Accompany your child to the check-in counter at least one hour before the flight’s departure. You must not leave the airport until the flight has departed.

Your child will be looked after and accompanied to their flight by an airline representative. Priority is given to unaccompanied minors at boarding. Once onboard they are looked after by cabin crew.

Your child must carry valid travel documents that meet the requirements of the country of destination (passport, identity card, visa, etc.).

On arrival

Your child shall be collected by the person you have designated. S/he must be at the airport at the expected flight arrival time and will be required to show personal identification.