items allowed in hand luggage

  • Liquids in their own container of no more than 100ml, placed in a single transparent, re-sealable plastic bag with a total capacity of no more than 1L.
  • Liquid medicines and foodstuffs required for special dietary needs, e.g. baby food.
  • Duty-free purchases, placed in a secure tamper-evident bag. The items and the receipt of purchase must remain inside the sealed bag provided at purchase.
  • Liquids purchased at duty free in any airport or from any airline company are allowed in hand luggage.

Security staff may be required to open secure tamper-evident bags to inspect the contents.

items forbidden in hand luggage

All other liquids must travel in the hold in your checked luggage. Should you be unsure of what you are allowed to bring onboard, contact the airport or your airline before travelling for details or check with the duty free store at purchase.

items forbidden in hold luggage

  • Matches, lighters and lighter fuels.
  • Batteries with electrolyte.
  • Lithium batteries with a power of over 160 Wh or spare lithium batteries being transported on their own without their apparatus.
  • Printer cartridges.
  • Fireworks, fire crackers, flares, mock guns, fire lighters, tear gas.
  • Camping stoves, gas cannisters, diving oxygen tanks.
  • Paint, varnish, lacquer.
  • Toxic materials, infectious substances, radioactive materials.
  • Chemical substances, fertilizers, weedkiller, pesticides, insecticides.
  • Dissolvants, bleach, chlorine, washing powder.
  • Inflammable liquids such as fuel, thinners, solvents, acetone.
  • Thermometers containing mercury, barometers.
  • Diving torch or lamp (even if battery and/or bulb removed).

For your safety some items are strictly forbidden on board. If necessary, they could be seized during the control of your luggage. Find out more informations concerning restricted and prohibited items